Ghost In The Bedroom

by The Dalliance

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The last release for 2010. . . Ghost In The Bedroom


There’s a ghost in the bedroom where your body used to be
The warmth that was there is the thing that’s really haunting me
There was a time I felt you pull my body near
But things are keeping distance that causes me to fear
This room is empty, dark and keeping me awake
The shallow air is causing me to suffocate
Hearing noises makes me sit up welcome you to come inside
But laying in quarters makes me want to die

I don’t feel this
I don’t want this
What’s the problem?
Can I solve them?
Foreign noises
Whispering voices
Dead emotions
Cause commotions

There’s a ghost in my heart in the place my feelings used to be
Consequences don’t even seem to bother me
I’ll take the hit and cause the world to crumble all around
If someone falls and no one listens will it make a sound?
The key to happiness sits in the palm of my hand
But I would take it bury it deep into the sand
It’s hard to be needed at the same time never wanted
But that’s what’s really happening or am I being haunted?

Open windows
Hearing shadows
Am I losing?
Or are they winning?
Mind possession
Brain recession
I don’t want to
Do I have to?

There’s a ghost in my conscience in the place my reason used to be
Creating situations I don’t have to see
Making stories up that fit the mood I’m feeling
But are they cause or am I just a human being?
Sometimes silence makes my mind start wandering
The static television helps the brain from pondering
I wish that someone would come back to bed
So I don’t wish this bedroom wouldn’t feel so dead

I don’t want this
I don’t feel this
What’s the problem?
Can I solve them?
Foreign noises
Whispering voices
Dead emotions
Cause commotions


released December 28, 2010
Written by Gregry Gilroy. Lyrics by Gregry Gilroy. Music by Gregry Gilroy and The Dalliance. Produced by Darrell Long. Tracked and Mixed at Disgraceland™. Mastered at Channel Fuse Media.



all rights reserved


The Dalliance Danbury, Connecticut

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